Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eric´s story

Rubens - old man
The story Eric told me accompanied me on my journey, so I want to tell you the story he kindly shared with me.
It was sunny on the day Okka, Harry and I arrived at Felixstowe. The street was steep, and at the top, we had to separate because of our destinations.
As we hugged, an old man watched us and fell over. So we went to him, washed the wound on his knee and gave him one of my plasters.
And as we sat on the street, he asked Okka and I where we were from, and he was reminded of his life story, which he started to tell us.

The simple life of Olde England :)

Like Anonymous lately said, it is some kind of a time travel when going on holiday to England :)
For example the flushing of toilets.
Yes, I want to talk about the situation of the english toilets, so, let´s pop in to the ladies.

Flushing Toilet

Friday, 28 September 2012

Pink Floyd

Some evenings, as the battery of my mobile was well charged I listened to Pink Floyd. It´s time for a compilation with some of their older stuff. Listen and enjoy my friends!

Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
Pink Floyd - Scarecrow
Pink Floyd - The Gnome
Pink Floyd - See-Saw
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
Pink Floyd - Remember A Day
Pink Floyd - Julia Dream
Pink Floyd - A Pillow Of Winds
Pink Floyd - Grantchester Meadows
Pink Floyd - Cirrus Minor
Vogelgezwitscher Wald

Syd Barrett

Graffiti Pt3 - Rotterdam

This is the end ...

... and suddenly it came very fast. But it´s also a beginning of something new :))

Monday, 24 September 2012

Isle of Wight

I wasn't really sure where to go after Beer, but my dear friend Okka who I met in Harwich in the beginning of my journey, recommended Isle of Wight to me, so that Island became my aim. Somehow I don't have the urge to go on drifting around in England any longer, so I stayed on the Isle of Wight for one and a half weeks - never stayed longer at any other place :) And I had luck with the weather, most of the days turned out to be sunny. I pitched up my tent on a camp site on the west coast, in Freshwater, from where I made long walks along the island.
My dear friends be well prepared for a big post :)
And watch webcam here :)

Seaton Tramway

As I arrived at Seaton, I had the opportunity to take the Seaton Tramway to Colyton :)

Autumn equinox

I have already seen it since some weeks. But it has definitely become autumn in Olde England. On saturday, 22. September, at 16:49, was the autumn equinox. A lot of the flowers are gone, the colours of nature are changing and the leaves are falling. I have started to pick blackberries on my way, never seen so many before :) The sun is down at 7 o'clock, immediately it's getting cold, I can watch white clouds when catching breath, and my sleeping bag is far to thin for this time of the year. It's time to go back to Germany.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Beer, oh yes, a lovely name, isn't it? Even if I appreciate the english cider, a lovely name for a sweet village. I'm staying here already the second day/night. Beer has a beach full of pebbles, gulls, beach huts, equipment of the fishermen, boats, and deckchairs. So, sorry again, here's a post with all these stuff :) But probably the post will grow later on, with other things. The weather is sunny and warm, and I can take walks along the coast path, either to the left, to Seaton, where I at least found this library with a computer, or to the right.

Donkey Sanctuary

Finally, I reached it, the Donkey Sanctuary. You can watch them on webcam here. I had a nice day cuddling a lot of these funny fellows - I even got bitten! For sure it was because the deep affection she felt for me :)


In Sidmouth is the beginning of the Jurassic Coast. So I asked one of the couples in the beach huts if they would keep an eye on my bike. And as they did I made a long walk on the beautiful red beach of Sidmouth.


I can't stay too long because I want to reach the ferry from Starcross to Exmouth. And as always, right in time for the last one :) You can watch Exmouth from this webcam.


The first town at the sea after Dartmoor is busy Teignmouth. Love to see sweet beach huts and boats again :)


Ever heard of Ashburton? Me neither. But I actually fell in love with the colours of this first biggest town after rolling down from Dartmoor.


The day turned out to be sunny, and in the afternoon I arrived Princetown in Dartmoor. I slept on the camp site of the highest placed brewery in England (450 meter), and was freezing that night, as it only were 4 celsius. So I slept in warmers, trousers, socks, t-shirt, another shirt with long arms, and a fleece pullover, scarf, and mittens :) The next day was sunny as well, so i went down from Dartmoor in direction east.

South Devon and Tavistock Railway Trail

Matt had told me that Darmoor wouldn't be that steep as Exmoor. So in the next morning I started on the South Devon and Tavistock Railway Trail leading up to Dartmoor. It was one of these flat tracks in the midst of the most beautiful nature, just the right experience after a busy day in Plymouth.


I left Looe in direction Plymouth, in Looe Seaton I was able to see the Looe Island.