Sunday, 28 April 2013

London - Portobello Road

Saturday. I dealt with the crowds and went to Portobello Road - look what catched my eye :)

The Kinks - Autumn Almanac

London - St. Pauls´s Church, Covent Garden

Taking a rest in London ...

... in the shade of the garden, or on walks in the green sorroundings.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I won´t complain at all ...

... the sun is shining. I am thankful as I remember last year.
But I am exhausted from these first days, it has been hard work with equipment and hills, my skin hurted from all this unexpected sun. The idea of taking the train from Chelmsford to London seemed to be the right thing to do.
But, Andy had told me about towpathes along the River Chelmer ... I tried to find the right way,would even had pushed, but I found myself in Maldon for a second time instead. My advice, don´t miss where River Chelmer and the Blackwater meets north-east of Maldon!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

CAMVLODVNVM - Colchester

The Romans occupied CAMLVODVNVM in year 43AD. The settlement became their first capital city. So I wanted to see if I could find more about the Romans besides of their old oyster beds. So I went to Colchester, on the River Colne.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

West Mersea

The screams of Common Tern and Oystercatcher woke me up in the morning, I packed my stuff, realised that i had put up my tent in a nature´s reserve, and went in direction of West Mersea, which is the main settlement on Mersea Island. A small town but with at least 4 camp sites. In the harbour are shops selling oyster from oyster beds dating back to the Roman era.
It was a sunny Sunday and loads of people were sitting outside eating and drinking.

On my way to Mersea Island

I woke up with the sun into a frozen world - I even had ice inside the tent :) But what a beautiful morning!

Thank you Stena Line ;)

After 6 hours by train heavy wind welcomed me in Hook of Holland. There still was some time before boarding on the ship for Harwich, so i bought some anti-seasick pills.


The following posts on this blog will be about my bicycle tour in England from the 18th April to the end of October.
May I proudly present my home for the next 6 months? Can I please have a round of applause!

My life will be quite comfortable.  I have a sleeping room, a cupboard, a kitchen and a handbag including my office. Further on am I carrying a workshop, two waterbottles and a bottle filled with methylated spirits to enlighten my stove. Besides of my tent I sew me a "tarp", on this tour I will be able to cook when it´s raining. That is a lot more comfortable then in the rainy summer last year :) But the very best of all. I am charging my mobile myself with this.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carrol wrote Alice´s adventures in wonderland in 1865. It has been thought the story was about taking psychodelic drugs, but I read it mostly was about logic and mathematics. Anyhow, you can listen to Jefferson Airplane and the whole novel here. Have fun!

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit