Saturday, 22 December 2012

Make Do And Mend

So, why this?
I´ll try to tell why I like the look of England  :)

"Make Do And Mend" was the title of a booklet issued by the Ministry of Information during World War II. It dealt about repairing clothes etc that would normally be discarded due to shortages and rationing.
It means "to manage with less than you would like, by repairing old things instead of buying new ones".

Even 70 years after World War II, you can find things in England which have just  been repaired. Streets, electricity lines, houses, water pipes etc. are still in the look of the fifties, only missing or apparently defective parts have been replaced.

That´s different to what happened in Germany after WWII, as they had the american Dollar as background for the Deutsche Mark, they were able to build everything new. Things are not being repaired in Germany, one mostly buy something new when it´s broken. In my eyes that´s the reason why everything in Germany looks so manicured and clean. And to be honest, that isn´t really my taste :)I love old things, different structures and colours, but most of all I love being able to read the story the things are telling - for me, it makes them more precious :)


  1. a slightly battered and worn Englishman24 December 2012 at 14:23

    I hate new stuff, it is lifeless. A guitar that looks like it has just come out of a factory doesn't have the look of something used and loved. When I but something new I don't feel that it is mine until it has a few scratches and dents on it. It shows that it is mine and I use it.