Monday, 4 February 2013

Carnival 2013 - Pt3

Here comes the second bunch of pics...

After the procession the different groups are playing somewhere in the streets and in the backyards in Ostertor/ Steintor. It´s a great opportunity to sing and dance together with the musicians in the streets.

Janine Jaeggi, initiator and artistic management of the carnival in Bremen since 28 years - thanks for that!


  1. fantastic - well done to get it on the blog so quickly. It looks like it was a wonderful day.

  2. Oh, yea, already posted, that's really fast.
    Very nice shots! Also the gifs.
    I'm still busy with sorting mine, but soon ... :)
    greez viti!

    1. I can hardly wait for to see your pics Floker! If you like, you might post the link for them here...