Friday, 15 August 2014

The River Wümme

Since weeks a high pressure area is laying over the north of Europe - the weather in Bremen is hardly bearable, it is really hot and dry.
On these kind of days I start early with the bicycle. A tour I´m doing regularly is along the River Wümme. This tidal river is curving through a flat landscape which was created by people from Holland in  medieval times. They channeled the area and made it useable for farming.
Today this area is a nature reserve - Naturschutzgebiet Untere Wümme - and a popular nearby recreational area for cyclists, walkers and boaters.

The lock Semkenfahrt

With the height of 58 metres this is the highest mountain in Bremen. It is made out of rubbish and stands on the waste disposal site.

Der Torfkanal

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