Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Home Sweet Home - The Flying Donkey

May I proudly present The Flying Donkey, my home for the next months. 
To see what my vehicle is carrying during my journey, check behind the fold.

Attached to the rear pannier rack is the tent. Squeezed to the seat post is a self-made tarp, and  raincovers for my shoes. For cases of emergency repair I wrapped some gaffa tape around the seat post.
Hanging from the top tube is a bag with tools and spare tube. The seat tube is carrying a safety bottle for methylated spirit and the down tube two water bottles.
The handlebar has a mapholder attached.
My lamp is great, i can charge my phone with the built in accumulator :)

The kitchen:
- Stanley Food Thermos I am using it for slow cooking of stews and soups. Actually it will be transported in my wardrobe 
- trangia cooker including a cutting board and water kettle
- thin bag for collecting edibles
- bag for onions, garlic, ginger ...
- Eggholder
- mug
- bottle for olive oil
- sleeve and SPOF+Spatula
- knife with small stone for sharpening
- small plastic bags
- box with salt
- net for tea
- bag with drinking straws filled with spices
- big plastic box (fits perfect on the ground of a front pannier and can be used as table or sink as well)
- small plastic box

I packed food for one week, mostly dehydrated meals which i want to pimp up with eidble weeds and/or vegetables. I´ve got nuts and raisins, rice, lentils and beans with short cooking time, spiced chickpea flour, porridge flakes, and tea (all items are packed in portions for a single person).

The office:
- watertight bag with electrical leads
- spare batteries etc
- netbook and diary
- grip for carrying the pannier over the shoulder
- headlamp
- loopaper and dog poo bags
- cycling glasses
- camera
- maps
- rucksack itsy bitsy
 - firebox
- pen, pencil, toy compass with a thermometer
- adresses, invitations, personal papers
My wardrobe, including the stuff I will be dressed in:
- Down jacket
- Flip-Flops
- 1 pair zip-off trousers
- 1 pair of trousers with lining
- towel + toilet bag
- trainers
- bag with scarf, glows, hat, and a cotton head pillow case which I use for changing the bag into a pillow at night
- silk underwear to sleep in
- 2 cashmere pullover (cashmere wool is great for travelling, lightweight, warm and soft and never smelly)
- 2 pair of functional underwear
- 2 pair of socks
- trainers
- rainjacket
- 2 bra, 3 underpants
- 1 pair of extra thick long underwear.
Not on this pic are the Romika shoes i will be wearing, they are water tight and warm. All my clothing for warm times are already in the UK.

The sleeping room:
This pannier contains raintrousers, bag with first aid kit, inflatable camping matrass, sleeping bag, a watertight bag with with a silk liner for the sleeping bag and a bedsheet for the matrass. Additionally i have a repair kit for the matrass and some clothes pegs.

This guy is carrying so much less, I know I will envy him at one point ;)


  1. Try not to drop any litter while you are in England,Thank You