Thursday, 7 April 2016

Edible Weeds - Spring

I went to Syke for a short stop because of Heike König. We had made up the appointement that I help her with the preparations for Rohvolution. She instead would secure me in my knowledge about the edibles and show me more.
This post contain pictures of some of the plants I more or less am eating regularly since.

Pulmonaria officinalis - leaves and flowers are edible.

 Allium ursinum - leaves and flowers

Ranunculus Ficaria - Small amounts of leaves during spring, BEFORE the plant is flowering in yellow.

 Aegopodium podagraria

 Rumex acetosella

Lamium argentatum - one of my favourites!

Urtica dioica 

 Galium aparine

 Lamium purpureum

Stellaria media - Chickweed, see recipy below.

There are even more out there. Most of them rich on vitamins, minerals, oils and even protein, often more nutricous then vegetables and greens from shop or garden.
I am collecting them with bare hands, always taking tips from not too many plants on one place. For short  I store them in my thin linnen bag until I can get them washed. They needs washing 2-4 times, like salads, actually.
I put them on a kitchen towel, close tightly and give them a good shake until most of the wet is gone. To get the herbs even more dry, spread them on clean sheets for half an hour.
Finally i chop them and make a pesto, or a herbal butter, an omelett, or I add them to soups. Use them as you would use spinach, for example. They shouldn´t be cooked too long as they loose vitamins, like every other green.

For travelling I have been packing packages for 2 portions each. I only have to add the fresh herbs.

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