Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Through The Netherlands

Shortly after crossing the boarder dark cloudes dumps their waters over me. Since Dörpen I am accompanied by cold wind as well. Searching for hide underneath a bridge I met 2 siblings, both of them looks like drenched cats. Their family went to live in Germany as the housing is less expensive compared to the netherlands. But it didn´t work out for them at the german school, they felt badly treated by the other kids. Now they feel more comfortable on the school in the netherlands and since they are cycling between the countries twice a day.
I am longing for dry shoes and warm tea. The lady in the next cycle shop tells me about the Mini-Camping Kolderweide.
The campsite is empty, nobody in sight. The doorbell in the next house sets dogs off and a man with only one arm opens the door.  I am invited to dry my shoes and socks in front of the fireplace, and am offered hot sweet coffee. His brother and a friend are there as well. They were 5 brothers, all of them farmers. The family always owned land on both sides of the borders. But the german parts has been sold off now.
We are talking about the situation in europe as well, but all these conversations are too big for this place.
I am the 3rd camper this year, I am invited to sleep in the big canteen, and to hang up my tent for drying. I am offered spuds and onions and a hot coffee in the next morning.
What a welcome! Thanks Gerard!

A shop in Emmen compascium offers everything a camper´s heart longs for, batteries, lighters and methylated spirits, and a hole in the wall.
It is still cold and windy, beside of some sun I am offered heavy rain again.

Before getting to Coevorden it´s time for a rest close to the Katshaarschans. It was built in 1672 for controlling the borders to Coevorden. One can still see the wall´s surrounding the area.

The watertoren of Coevorden.

Kasteel in Coevorden and some of the houses.

I´ve been on my way the whole day, it is late and I feel quite happy as finally there is a campsite.
The next morning starts with frost, tent and bicycle is covered with ice and it will take some time to get defrosted and dry.

In Ommen I am greeted by ringing bells, they are playing a christmas song for me :)

Shortly behind Wezep there is a nice farm campsite t´Heeterveen. I am the only guest, showers, warm canteen and wifi are mine for the evening.

On my way in direction Putten I come across the biggest area with woods in the Netherlands. Somewhere in Elspeetse Heide there is an interesting reconstruction of a burial place. It explains how and where in the mound people been buried since the Stone Age until the Bronze Age.

In the afternoon I arrive at friends I met in Beer in 2012. They are living nearby Putten, and I am staying for 2 nights.

From Nijkerk I take the train to Hoek van Holland where I am able to catch a night ferry to Harwich.

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