Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Being part of The-Beatles-Mania Pt5 - Fake Beatles

I have been listening to fake Beatles on this blog. There you´ll find the informations about the different bands. Here I want to present you the most kitschy ones :)

Czerwone Gitary - Kto Winien Jest
Guess Who - Till We Kissed
Los Shakers - Dejame Decirte
Los Shakers - El Nino Y Yo
Los Shakers - Espero Que Les Guste 042
Los Shakers - Una Forma De Arco Iris
Mr. Lucky And The Gamblers - I Told You Once Before
Peter Berry And The Shake Set - In Lonelier Days
Ron Lennon - The Children Of Rock And Roll
Squire - No Time Tomorrow
The Alusions - The Dancer
The Beagles - Thanks To The Man In The Moon
The Fut - Have You Heard The Word
The Kaisers - Like I Do
The Liverpools - Did You Ever Get My Letter
The Poppees - I Love Her
The Redcoats - Love Unreturned
The Statesiders - She Belonged To Another


  1. Apollo C. Vermouth29 January 2013 at 19:50

    It's a travesty I tell you, a travesty! It's an abomination of the highest order. This sort of thing shouldn't be allowed.

    1. Thank you for this profound view, Paul!

  2. http://monstr66.narod.ru/ Here are some more BEATLES related songs

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI12RaOUlVk This is one of them

    1. Thank you for that link from above, Anon!