Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jacques Tati - Monsieur Hulot - Pt2

Mon oncle was another nice movie made by Jacques Tati. Once again he acts Monsieur Hulot.
The movie came out in 1958, and it shows us the modern, sterile, impersonal and automated life in France after the war.
Monsieur Hulot himself still lives in his old fashioned and relaxed world. He has a good relation to his nephew, but Hulot´s sister isn´t fond of that. She tries to get him to work, and want to pair him off to a lady in the neighbourhood.
In the end Hulot is sent to North-Africa in order to work as agent.
Like I did in my last Tati-post, I will try to join the different Youtube videos in the right way.

Franck Barcellini - Mon Oncle

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