Saturday, 11 May 2013

A walk to the Seven Sisters

I have had rain in the night, but the morning turned out to be sunny so I decided to go for a walk and watch the Seven Sisters.
On my way I took a look at Martello Tower number 74, nowadays a museum of local history, and some beach huts - can´t get enough of them!

On my way I had to go over the Buckle of Seaford. The sandy soil which covers the cliff top provides excellent conditions for a variety of creatures. Rabbits - here they are again :) - on the reserver graze the downland turf which encourages a wide variety of flowers.

And then I saw them - the Seven Sisters!

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  1. > the Seven Sisters pics - really impressing!

    Send some nice weather here plox (it's raining cats and dox:)

  2. I am sure the french prisoners were treated well in their tower