Friday, 24 May 2013

Lewes - Castle

Soon after the Norman Conquest in 1066 William de Warenne built a simple wooden motte and a bailey castle in Lewes. A palisade was built around the motte, which is called Brack Mount, and an open area called a bailey.
In about 1100 a stone curtain wall replaced the wooden palisade. The stone wall of the Shell Keep was built on the top of the seconde motte. Castles with two mounds are very unusual. Entry to the castle was through a square stone gateway.
Angled towers were built onto the Shell Keep during the 13th century. They were designed to give archers a better view of attackers, while keeping hidden themselves. The last major addition to the castle was in the mid-14th century. A new entrance, called a barbican, was built in front of the Norman Gate.
Barbican entrance

Inside the Shell Keep

View of the Brack Mount

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