Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Martello Tower, No. 74

The Martello Towers were built in order to protect England against the French. No. 74 is the last one been built. Through the centuries it has been used for several things. It has been a place for roller skating, a bathhouse, or a privat home. Now it has become a museum, run only by volunteers. Never seen soo much oddity in a museum - but very nice :) They have been collecting mostly everything which has been used in the town itself or found in it´s surroundings. Come with me for a trip into the Seafordian past :)

 ... Including a collection of dolls dressed as different kings and queens from the past.

After all those impression I took a walk back to the town city along the beach.


  1. where is everybody?

    1. They run away and hide when they see me :(