Thursday, 25 September 2014

Angmering - The Roman Villa

Since watching Time Team, my eyes are searching the ground when walking over the fields in Sussex. So it didn´t take a long until I found a bit of clay,  a very orange coloured one, with inclusions and patches of different coloured material. I could even see that it had been worked by man and not by machine. Somebody had soften the edge of a corner with a finger or the thumb.

With a little help from a friend I soon was able to read about red tiles from the Roman Villa in Angmering.
On the next day I went to the Littlehampton Museum, where the curator took a look. It is a Roman roof tile :)

Some buildings of the Roman villa were excavated from 1937-39, the villa itself has not been found yet.  Littlehampton Museum was involved in the project, and the three major digs revealed a large bath-house and other buildings. Some further smallscale excavation was carried out in the 1940s, but "the full story of Angmering Roman villa remains to be uncovered." (Archaeologist Oliver Gilkes)
Maybe I should write a letter to Sir Tony Robinson? :)
For those of you interested, here are some articles about Roman life in Sussex.

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