Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wheel Of Life, Pt4 Stonehenge

I am getting quite addicted to the diggings of the Time Team :)
This documentary about Stonehenge is about the historical landscape where Stonehenge is built. It shows the connection between the Durrington Walls/ Woodhenge (which in my eyes appears to be the symbol for life) and Stonehenge (which after the archaeological resurches seems to be more a symbol for death). The connection between these spiritual places is the nearby River Avon.
At least I must add that I truly believe in the importance of the winter solstice for those who has been celebrating there. Dark long nights opens the human mind for insights and spirituality, and it is the time for rebirth of life, the wheel of life keeps on turning.

Here you can use an interactiv panoramic view of Stonehenge.

P.S. Only few minutes after making this post I heard the latest news about the landscape surrounding Stonehenge.  Read about the finds here.


  1. This is an interesting read.

  2. An interesting blog about Stonehenge

  3. So I watched it completely now, but my theory is very different ...
    Anyway, if in another 4000 years archeologists dig for stuff, they will think it was built by chinese phone/camera companies ...