Friday, 14 March 2014

Cooking With Viti - Ramsons

Somebody suggested to use ramsons instead of garlic for my Spring Omelette. That is quite a good idea actually. After some researches on the net I stumbled upon the idea to make some kind of mash out of ramsons. Prepared in this way, ramsons as replacement for garlic can be stored up to one year - and used in small amounts when in need of some garlic similar taste :)

BUT - before you go out in the woods collecting ramsons, make sure you are able to identify this plant. There are at least 2 other plants which look a bit like ramsons, and if you accidently picks the other 2 you will die from it. The poisonous ones are the 2 on the left side in the picture below, Lily of the Valley and Autumn Crocus. What you want is the one on the right hand side, you can read about the ways of identifying ramsons on the Wikipedia link from above.
Don´t collect the plant when it has started to bloom, the time for this plant is early spring - e.g. NOW :)

Finally, here´s the recipe:
  • 120 gramme ramsons leaves
  • 15 gramme salt
  • 100 millilitre good vegetable oil = 3.5 fluid ounces (convert here)
Clean the leaves, cut them into smaller pieces. Blend all ingridients until the salt is completely resolved into the mash. Fill the stuff into smaller clean glasses and store them dark and cool, the fridge is a good place for it - enjoy!

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  1. Be careful.