Monday, 10 March 2014

Cooking With Viti - Spring Omelette :)

Sunday´s cycling tour brought me along meadows and places where I was able to pick some edible plants for my first experiment. Together with 2 eggs, and some ingridients I would carry on my tours I cooked a delicious omelet. Recipe below the fold :)

1) Cut chili pepper, garlic and onion into pieces, fry them in the oil.

2) Hack salvia, sorrel, plantago and the nettle and add them to the onions.

3) Whisk the eggs, add salt and black pepper, if you got any milk, add 2 spoonfull,  and pour everything into the frying pan. Stir 3-5 times.

4) Decorate your dish with daisies and chive  :)


  1. I like lots of daisy's in my omelet.

    1. Thanky my dear, that was very tasty :)

  2. Nice, I would love to try it, but garlic upsets me :(. You could try replacing it with ransoms leaves
    should be out at the same time as bluebells (ah, memories :) )