Monday, 10 March 2014

Finkenburg e.V.

The spring starts early this year - it is the warmest March ever been measured in Germany.
On Sunday I decided to take my bicycle and cycle along the River Weser to Achim and back on the other riverside (32 engl. miles).
The sky was incredible blue, the lark was singing from high above and I saw two kinds of butterflies. Half the way I visited friends who are living in an old farmhouse from 1883. They are running a buisness for fruit pressing, a pottery and a free newspaper for the region.
After cakes and coffee I returned, the Blackbird was singing and I had a wonderful sunset- what a great day :)


Right in front the new bakehouse of the farm.


  1. Nice sheeple ... don't you have a bigger pic of the black one?

    1. No, sorry Floker :(