Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Foxton Lock Flight

I managed to reach Foxton at lunchtime. Unfortunately the camp site I had found on my map didn't exist anymore, so I did some shopping and some washing in the disabled toilet on a car park before I visited the locks and the museum.
Foxton has 10 locks, but the most interesting was the boat lift which was in use between 1900 and 1911.

The lock keepers house. It was the lock keeper's job to keep the boat traffic moving quickly and efficiently. He made regular checks on the water level in the canal and side ponds and ensured that the various gates were kept in good working order. And then there was his lock side garden and the family pig to attend to. There is still a lock keeper at Foxton. Unlike the lock keeper of old, the modern lock keeper's main concern is helping boaters negotiate the complicated and daunting staircase of locks.

 Unfortunately the "Thomas" Lift doesn't exist anymore, so here some pics out of an old book.

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  1. Thanks - I was wondering how the lift worked. I didn't realize it took the water with it!