Wednesday, 19 June 2013

From Blisworth to Norton Junction

The next part of my journey took me from Blisworth up to Norton Junction where I had to take the Leicester Branch of The Grand Union Canal up to its end in Eastwood.
I was happy to meet K and his dog, and I had the opportunity to go with boat for a part of the canal, I was even allowed to steer the boat for a while :) And I was offered to take a shower and to wash my clothes - so a lot of thanks for that!

The historic village Blisworth dates back to at least Roman times and was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Blidesworde.

Two ladies I talked to on my way told me that they used to store spices in the former mill, and that the surroundigs used to smell wonderful. Now the old mill is used as an appartement house.
In the 19th century one might had to stop at the Candle Bridge. A lady who lived in a nearby cottage made her living selling candles to passing boats to light the long, dark trip through Blisworth Tunnel.

Gayton Junction
Gayton Turnover Bridge. Such special bridges were built to enable a horse towing a boat to cross from one side of the canal to the other when the towing path changed sides without untying the tow rope.

I met Colin and Dave under a bridge. They had bought a narrow boat one year ago, and made all the restoring inside during the winter. Now they were busy painting the boat from outside.

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