Wednesday, 19 June 2013

From Watford to Husbands Bosworth

In the next morning the police officers Charlotte and Less came up to me. They told me about a theft been reported by some of the boatmen, and I was told to dial 999 if I need help and tell the number of the bridge I were close by. They told me to take care on my journey, and wished me a pleasant travel before they left.
This day turned out to be the most exhausting day until now. The towpath sometimes was in a bad condition. It was a bumpy and I had to push a lot and to carry my bike over gates - and I nearly fell into the canal twice :)

Watford lock flight with 7 locks and 16 meter rise.

In Crick a man told me about John. He had been in the pub in the evening, and on his way back to his boat at night, he must have fell. He was found under the ice of the canal in the next morning.

I took me a while to get them in one row ... :)

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