Wednesday, 19 June 2013

People On Boats

In former times the boatman and his family was living on board. All of them in the small stern cabin of the boat.

Now there a different group of people having boats on the canals.
  • The most frequent people are couples. They have their boats in the marinas, mostly taken out for a tour on the weekend or on holidays. Their boats are cleaned and well maintained, often painted with the traditional decoration Roses & Castles, with crocheted curtains in the windows.
  • Then there are the owners of traditional boats with a common interest, for example the kind of motor they are using.
  • Another group are tourists from everywhere. They have a hired a boat for holiday or for a weekend trip.
  • Additionally one can meet a fourth group of people. These are persons, living on the boat since years. It is mostly men, but there are some women living on boats too, but they are mostly mooring on camp sites along the canal.

Other people using the canals for leisure are the owners of dog, joggers, some single mountain bikers, or people taking a short cut from a part of a village to another.

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