Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stoke Bruerne and The Blisworth Tunnel

Romans arrived and called Towcester Lactodorum, Saxons´s built their "stoc" or village here and when the Normans compiled their Domesday Book, they recorded Swain Briwere as the lord of the manor. The biggest change however was the arrival of the canal which cut the village in two.
Stoke Bruerne lock flight is made of 7 locks and has a rise of 17 meter.
The village has a museum which is inside the former corn mill. The mill was built in the 1840´s and worked until 1913.
The Blisworth Tunnel is Britain´s second-largest usable canal tunnel. It runs for one and three quarter miles from Stoke Bruerne to Blisworth and was built after the canal opened because the first attempt to dig a tunnel was abandoned.

There is no towpath through the tunnel, so I had to push my bicycle over the hill.
On my way down to Blisworth I saw the towers/chimneys of the tunnel.

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