Thursday, 8 August 2013

From Watford to Bull´s Bridge Junction

Back from Germany I felt for doing a missing part of the Grand Union Canal.
Weeks ago I had been taking the train from London to Watford in order to cycle in direction north.  This time I wanted to cycle the Grand Union down to London.
Tuesday was warm and dry so here we go.
Be prepared for loads of boats and colourful close ups the next 15 miles :)

Batchworth Junction - Grand Union Canal meets the Rickmansworth Branch.


Bull´s Bridge Junction - Grand Union meets the Paddington Branch.


  1. hej, viti, very nice pics again. I especially like the "pig" and the wonderful barn owl (Tyto alba:) Has it been fixed to the boat? As a watch-owl?

    I'm sure you'll get this years "Queen of the Canals" prize with these posts!

    1. That is sweet of you, Floker, didn´t see you taking that :)

    2. Just back from a walk ... got wet to the bones in 10 mins. ... sheesh ... How's your weather now?