Saturday, 17 August 2013

River Thames - From Sunbury Lock to Maidenhead

The day started with blue sky, but turned overclouded during the day.
I saw loads of locks, bridges, came along Windsor, where I had planned to visit the castle.
In the afternoon a shower made me hide under a tree.
Near Maidenhead, just behind the motorway, I found a camp site for the night.
Whilst the children were screaming on the camp site I watched the sunset sitting at Brey Lock.

Penton Hook Lock

M25 Bridge

Bell Weir Lock

Like yesterday I had hundreds of planes above me. It is loud most of the time.
Lucy Fischer was a star in the films Tarzan Greystoke and Chaplin.

Old Windsor Lock

Albert Bridge and Windsor Castle, the largest inhabited castle in the world, below.
On the left side is Brunswick Tower, on the right side Cornwall Tower. The Queen was not at home.

I had planned to visit the castle but got demotivated as I saw the loads of tourist and the really long queue in front of the ticket office.
But I had a really nice chat with an Indian couple from Canada instead :)

The Windsor Royal Station has been turned into a shopping center.

Boveney Lock

Brey Lock in the sunset

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