Friday, 23 August 2013

Kennet & Avon Canal - From Aldermaston to Brunsdon Bridge/Lock

The morning was beautiful and I made it slowly. And short after having made this pic I had to realise that I have a puncture. So off with the luggage again and start the day with work - I was quite happy it was the front wheel :) I managed to repair but had to realise that the tyre had seen better days, so I decided to go to Newbury in order to buy a new one.
After having had this done I went to a webcam in Newbury and made a wave before I left the village. In the evening I put up my tent on the midst of Brunsdon Lock :)

After I had been at the cycle shop I went to the pub Old Waggon & Horses, and waved to my friend from this webcam :)


  1. Is that a violin case on that first barge ?

    1. No, sailing ships on the coast of the netherlands has those paddles. When the tide runs out, they can let those paddles down and stand on them on the ground - ship legs, me would say :)