Friday, 30 August 2013

Kennet & Avon Canal - From Bath to Bristol

Bitton Station
It was another of these greyish but hot days when the sweat is running down your back.
I managed to get from the camp site to the canal but then I had a hard days work. The easier way would have been to take the cycleway from Bath to Bristol which shares it´s route with the Avon Valley Railway for some miles. But I had decided to take the towpath, so I fighted with the circumstances like small gates, high fences and overgrown footpathes.
After some miles I gave it up and changed to the cycleway up to Bitton Station where I turned back to the River Avon for the last miles to Bristol.
In Bristol I checked in in the Youth Hostel which is in the midst of the city. I got a room with shower of my own and went down to the laundry where I met Tessa from The Anchor Inn again - the world is quite small sometimes :)

The towpath from Bath to Bristol followes the River Avon Trail. Some miles before Bristol the towpath became quite comfortable to cycle.


  1. That's not a towpath, that's a rain forest.

  2. Hej viti, I re-found the meowbified link of your blog:

    and I can hardly say which version I like more - greez ;)