Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I wanted to avoid Dover and its cliffs and Roderick from the camp site in Folkstone had told me about Deal and Walmer, possibly the place where Julius Caesar first arrived in Britain. So I took the train instead of cycling.
The day was grey and cold and I arrived late. Unfortunately the search for a camp site took long time. My borrowed maps are old and former camp sites has often been turned into caravan sites, and they dont like me there.

Deal Town Hall

Timeball Tower
Deal castle

The bandstand was built using donations from the people of Walmer to commemorate the lives of eleven musicians killed when an IRA bomb was detonated at the Royal Marines Barracks just across the road on 22nd September 1989. It is a twelve-sided, open bandstand on a raised mound in the centre of Walmer Green, with a name plaque on each of eleven flat sides. For this evening's service it was decorated with white rope and icicle lights, of which only one set appeared to be working! Screens had been placed around one side to improve the acoustics, and the congregation surrounded the other side.

Walmer Lifeboat Station


  1. What an interesting town Deal is,and such remarkable buildings.

    1. I put up some information to help you understand what you are seeing :)