Monday, 21 October 2013

Pett Level - The Magic Spot :)

After having cycled up the cliffs behind Hastings I rolled down to the Romney Marshes. Just in the corner where the road leads down to the coast is the village Pett Level. The sandstone cliffs reach their easternmost point and the Royal Military Canal ends here.
As I sat on a bench listening to the sea, Dan the fisherman, invited me to a cup of tea. I had already met Lou, had a room in Mark´s B&B and some hours later had my first beer in the local pub The Smugglers Inn.
In the end I stayed in Pett Level 3 times, always returning to the musical events in the pub and all those nice people I met there :)
So here comes a big shout out to Mark and Karen, Graham, Lou and Dan, to Joe, Phil and Leslie, and Maureen. I also want to say hello to the staff of the pub, Sue and Steve, Amber, Alex and all the others around :)
It was really good to meet you all and to listen to the music made in these surroundings - I had a great time!

pet level :)


  1. Band sounds nice. Though, they don't look very alcoholic.

    1. It was quite early in the day ;)