Thursday, 24 October 2013

From Reculver to Whitstable

I got back to my tent which still wasn´t dry, but I took it down and had a chat with Terry who was building a new house for his racing pigeons.
Meanwhile it had started to rain, what it did for several hours. But nice enough, as I reached Whitstable in the evening the sun gave a final appearance and I checked in for B&B in order to get dry :)

Herne Bay - Clock Tower

Herne Bay - Pier

Beach huts are very luxurious here in Kent, they even got a shed :)

Here we go, Oyster is served again.

And then, finally I saw these aliens clearly! Five miles away. I had been trying to get a shot since Reculver, but the weather had been too bad. More about them in one of the next posts.

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