Sunday, 7 July 2013

Being Part Of The-Beatles-Mania, Pt7

Yes, I did it!
I booked a Beatles Fab4-tour by cab and saw the homes of John, George, Ringo, Paul, Penny Lane, the Strawberry Fields, the church yard were John played with the Quarrymen and the hall where Paul and John first met :)
At 2pm Gareth picked me up in front of the Adelphi Hotel and took me for 2,5 hours around the city to the different places. It was a great tour, Gareth had a lot to tell, had a book full of pictures and played the right songs to the places we went. Thanks a lot, cave-man :)

Ringo´s home and below is the street where he lived. The council has put up protection of metal around door and windows, the fans use to pick out the stones.

By the way, Happy Birthday, Ringo! :)

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is not just the street, as Gareth told, it is the name for all the area around the street where shops are. So the barber shop and the fire station is NOT on Penny Lane, they are nearby.

And this above was the home of Paul.

Strawberry Fields

And finally, George´s home
The grave of John´s beloved stepfather
And it was on this church yard where John played with his group The Quarry Men

On the same church yard is a grave stone where Eleanor Rigby is buried.

Eleanor Rigby

Gareth told a lot more, I should have recorded it :)
Anyhow, I had a nice afternoon.

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