Friday, 12 July 2013

From Liverpool to Ellesmere Port

The Ferry speakers shouted "Ferry ´cross the Mersey" as i went over to Birkenhead. A guard on the ferry pier explained the way to the Manchester Ship Canal. After 7 miles I had to realise that this canal haven´t got any towpath, so I drove along the industrial areas until I reached the beginning of the Shropshire Union Canal. In the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port, where the Shropshire Union Canal starts, I finally bought my own British Waterways Key - I am now able to get water and use the showers which are located along all canals :) Unfortunately I was too late for the museum.
The day was hot and I was so happy to reach the fresh country side again.

This pic dates from 1906 as the New Ferry had a ferry service from 1865. A pier was constructed of iron and steel, stretching 850ft out into the river, it was the longest on the Mersey. The ferries operated a service between here and Liverpool from 1865 until 1922. In 1922 a Dutch sea captain rammd the pier with his steamer while he was drunk, as a result the pier was rendered dangerous and closed down. No further service operated from here and in 1929 the pier was demolished.
From here I had a last view of Liverpool, still feeling a bit sad. 

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