Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Anchor Inn

Right beside of Bridge 42 is one of the most unspoilt pubs at the canal system. The house which has a front door that faces the canal instead of the street was built in 1830, and has been in the same family since 1903. Read about it´s history here.

There are only two small rooms with red quarry-tiled floor which is partly 19th century. One is sitting on a bench in front of the window, or on two old high-backed settles, or on wooden stools.

As I visited the pub we were only a few people there. Mostly it was boaters who are living on their boats nearby or others who know the pub since years, and who are coming regularly.
Some of the regulars brought their instruments and the visitors were playing and singing together.

A famous musician is Mal Edwards, a 67 year old man, who lives on his boat Becky opposite the pub.
He was born on a boat and who has been working along the canal all of his life.
During the years he has written songs about the people on the narrowboats and the canals. Here is a short video where he talks about his life.

I managed to make a short video as he was singing, here it is:

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