Tuesday, 16 July 2013

From Bridge 87 to Tyrley Locks

Another hot and sunny day awaited me so I decided to rest in a cafe during the hottest hours of the day, and go on cycling in the evening.

View from Moss Hall Aqueduct over the River Weaver.

Banded Demoiselle :)

Audlem greeted me with 15 Locks, old pubs, loads of restored old houses and shops. I was able to buy vegetables and quiche, and there was a cafe with free wifi. I sat there for some hours drinking tea and eating cake :)

In the evening it had become a little bit colder and the light was beautiful!

Market Drayton has been regarded as the "Home of the Gingerbread". The town was the largest settlement through which the Shropshire Union Canal passed and, as a result, a large wharf was built to accomodate the various cargoes carried to the town. Market Drayton was destroyed by fire in 1651 but was carefully rebuilt.

Only about one mile behind Market Drayton is a deep cut in the stone and the canal reaches the five Tyrley Locks. I found a hole in the hedge leading to a field behind the locks with a nice hidden space for my tent.

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